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Our Tourism service is exclusively dedicated to showing you the Shekhawati region in Rajasthan.


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We are a tourism service exclusively dedicated to showing you the experiences of the vibrant Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. Our focus is to acquaint you with the culture, history, and hospitality of Shekhawati and to make your visit memorable. This includes full arrangements for hotel stays, tourism logistics, site-seeing, and heritage walks with knowledgeable guides through the painted havelis of Shekhawati.

You can interact with locals and learn about their indigenous industries like Bandhani dyeing, lac bangle making, and alternative heritage experiences like agro-tourism and rural tourism. We constantly aim to help you achieve your holiday goals while seeing a side of Rajasthan you have never seen before.

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Our Services

Our services include a closely facilitated arrangement of premium heritage hotels, transportation, and itinerary consultation. We can advise and design custom heritage activities for your interest.

Haveli Heritage Walks

Meander in the winding streets filled with frescoed havelis from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Meet the residents who still live there and find yourself back in time.

Shekhawati Culinary Experiences

Learn Rajasthani rural cooking and cuisine (with a tad bit of spice!). Classes can be arranged at your request.

Equestrian Experiences 

Shekhawati is known for its warrior horses. Whether you’re a professional or a novice to horses, try horse therapy or horse riding.

Handicraft works 

Shekhawati is famous for its tie-and-dye and bangle making. Immerse yourself in something special and get a few presents for yourself and your loved ones!

Cultural Programs 

From playing with colors on Holi, park rides during the Baba Ramdev fair, flying kites on Makar Sankranti, or watching beautiful processions during Gangaur, there is something for everyone. Make sure to fully charge your camera.

Religious tourism

Shekhawati is home to some of the most renowned temples in India. From the Rani Sati temple, Salasar Balaji temple, and Lohargal, the region is one of the best places to practice spiritualism.

The region of Shekhawati is one such place. You can learn more about this region from popular media coverage through the following links. | | |

Shekhawati Region in Rajasthan

The world knows Rajasthan for its vibrant palaces, its luxurious sand dunes, and its rich cultural practices. Rajasthan, in many ways, is a true representation of the diversity and richness of India and its culture. But even within this region, there are pockets of hidden mystery- art, handicrafts, language, food, and local cultures that will take your breath away.

What is Shekhawati?

The region of Shekhawati gets its name from the warrior chieftain Rao Shekha. His successors built a political and cultural province that was able to carve its own identity through subsequent centuries. The locals are called Shekhawati and speak the Shekhawati language.

This region has a quaint and unique cultural history most prominently shown through the beautifully painted limestone havelis of the late 19th- early 20th centuries. These havelis (a unique style of bungalows constructed for large joint families), along with a variety of temples, cenotaphs, forts, and other historical sites, present a part of Rajasthan that can only be truly explored by experiencing them in person.

What does Shekhawati offer you?

The region and its warm and hospitable people still maintain many traditions and handicraft practices that are dying out in the modern world. Come see a slice of India that you won’t find in magazines and mainstream travel guides! Stay in a luxurious renovated 19th-century haveli hotel, drink traditional chai (milk tea) with the locals, and try your hand at bangle-making and bandhani tie-and-dye. And definitely make memories of a lifetime.


Our Team

Our team of tourist guides and hospitality facilitators is headed by our experienced tourist guide Mr. Aabid Khan. He is a licensed tourist guide with the Rajasthan Tourism Government with 16+ years of experience. His extensive knowledge about Shekhawati acquired through his many years of intensive training and educational interests delights visitors so that they keep returning for more. 

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